3 Main Prior Commitments of NDPE in Wilmar

3 Main Prior Commitments of NDPE in Wilmar

InfoSAWIT, SINGAPOREThe integrated palm oil plantation company in Singapore and has its operation in  Indonesia,Wilmar International Limited (Wilmar) just recently published the new and ambitious time bound plan in cooperation with The Forest Trust (TFT).

The plans have goals, to get 1oo percent independently, verify No Deforestasi, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) to fulfill the chain of stock in 2020 and for the rests.

From the official information that InfoSAWIT got, there are three main priorities of the action plans, they are, the first, give higher transparency and verification from No Deforestation in Wilmar in every chain of stock within the support of TFB and other partners. This means that Wilmar would provide the higher transparency in its palm oil operational activities.

This is to make sure that the suppliers from the third side also obey the commitment not to do ‘Deforestation’ as it is regulated in NDPE Policy.

“Wilmar would directly monitor it by satellite and provide the independent verification on the areal usage change, the plantation, and the operational of the suppliers from the third side in group level which would be running in the first quarter of 2019,”Chief Sustainability Officer, Wilmar, Jeremy Goon said in the official statement toInfoSAWIT, Friday (3/10/2018).

The second, lead the collaboration among the industries about deforestation out of the chain of stock in Wilmar. This would cover major landscape where Wilmar becomes the source of palm oil product though the other commodities grow side by side in the same landscape. So what Wilmar does is to end deforestation in its chain of stock. TFT and Wilmar understand that the forests could not be protected by focusing to one commodity only because the others are involved in deforestation , to be the industrial leader.

The third, monitor the labor and the people issues to make sure that ‘there would be exploitation’ in Wilmar. The three would be implemented within the supports of the partners in Wilmar’s operational in every chain of stock. “The action plans which are also renewed with the time would be published in the second quarter in 2019,” Jeremy said. (T2)


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