CSF Makes the FFB from the Smallholders Cheaper Rp 125/Kg

CSF Makes the FFB from the Smallholders Cheaper Rp 125/Kg

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the late days, the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) is still cheap but the crude palm oil (CPO) exportvolumes get better though they are in fluctuation.Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS) tried to analyze, why the FFB gets cheaper in the smallholders’ level.

Chairman of SPKS, Mansuetus Darto monitored the FFB price in the early of October from the two producer countries, Indonesia dan Malaysia.

He thought, the FFB price in Malaysia is about RM 435/ ton. If it is conversed to Rupiah, it is about Rp 1.595.486,08/ton.  

Meanwhile the smallholders’ FFB in September (based on the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 1 / 2018,the FFB price calculated from the previous month) was about Rp 1.385.87/ kg and if it is conversed to ton, it was about Rp. 1.385.870/ton.

From the calculation, he continued, if there is no Crude palm oil Supporting Fund (CSF), the FFB price in Malaysia will be the same in Indonesia. “The CSF about US$ 50/tons done Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency as the Government’s Regulation No. 24 / 2015 has made the smallholders’ FFB get cheaper Rp 125/kg,” he said.

Unfortunately, he continued, the FFB price in Indonesia is never be the same if it is sold to the factory and tends to be less from what has been regulated. “The FFB price in Malaysia that the smallholders’ sell is always the same with the regulation for every smallholder,” Darto said.

So the cheap FFB does not happen for the black campaign which Indonesia always vocalizes, but there are some certain groups hiding the FFB price regulation and it is bad for the plasma and the independent smallholders. (T2)


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