74% of Palm oil in Europe Have been Sustainably Certified

Chairman of European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA), Frans Claassen
74% of Palm oil in Europe Have been Sustainably Certified

InfoSAWIT, MADRIDIn the 6th annual European Palm Oil Conference, Chairman of European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA), Frans Claassen asked for the retailers and food companies to fulfill their commitment and only use sustainable palm oil.

EPOA believed that sustainable palm oil is the main food material to help and give food to the world, help to protect the conservation, and increase the social – economic development in the rural. Sustainable palm oil contributes to realize sustainable development goals (SDGs) in United Nations.

The members of EPOA are ready to lead the sustainable palm oil market transformation in Europe. Claassen also said that his side targets to use 100% of sustainable palm oil in 2020 in the food industries in Europe. “We do urge the NGOs to be cooperative to empower those who work in the field and could make change,” he recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

The negative images of palm oil as the food material really postpone the transition to absorb sustainable palm oil 100%. The delegations in the seminar agreed to act and review the potential of communication campaign to urge the sustainable practices.

The report of the latest monitoring done byEuropean Sustainable Palm Oil (ESPO), the initiative in MVO – Netherland Fat and Oil Industries, and IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative – showed that 74% of the palm oil imported to food (industries) got Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) in 2017. For the palm oil volume increased, this is important to support the better demand on sustainable palm oil in every chain of stock. This is needed to realize the target in 2020 in the same declaration done by the organizations, the governments, and private sectors.

One thing to support the sustainable development in the producer countries is by buying credits from the special independent smallholders. For the first time, the monitoring report of ESPO also provided data about the credit giving offered by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil which reached 8,1 thousand tons. (T2)


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