Minister of Trade Asked the Palm oil Producers to Fight for the Black Campaigns

Minister of Trade Asked the Palm oil Producers to Fight for the Black Campaigns

InfoSAWIT, MADRID– Minister of Trade, Indonesia, Enggartiasto Lukita took every palm oil producer to cooperate and fight for the negative campaign in many countries, namely in European Union. He told that when being a speaker in the European Palm Oil Alliance Conference in Madrid, Spain, Thursday (4/10/2018).

The conference which was initiated by European Palm Oil Aliance (EPOA) run the theme,“How Sustainable Palm Oil Contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals”. Enggartiasto thought, the palm oil producers should unite and cooperate to fight for the negative campaigns. There are lots of miss-perceptions about palm oil. If these continue, the negative sentiments could be said as the right ones.

“So it needs to campaign the positive ones about palm oil so that everything will be balanced and the international community would understand about the role of palm oil in sustainable development,” Enggar said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

In the opportunity, Enggar also informed about the latest development that Palm Oil Moratorium has been signed by President Joko Widodo. President’s Instruction No. 8/2018 was published on 19 September 2018. It is about the Postponement, and Evaluation to Palm Oil Plantation Licence and Its Enhancement.

He also mentioned that palm oil is extraordinary commodity for Indonesia. It plays important role in the economy and provides the employment to conquer the poverty. Besides the commodity functions as the source of income for 5,3 million workers and the source of life for 21 million men in Indonesia.

“Since the midst of 2000s, palm oil exports have become the important source of income for the government to develop the economy in Indonesia. But as the exports increased, the negative campaigns did too, namely in the advance countries,” he said.

Besides Enggartiasto, the speakers in the conference were Minister of Industry, Malaysia, Teresa Koh Sum Sim;Former President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe Velez;and Plant Production and Protection Officer of The FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia,Viliami Fakava. (T2)


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