Kencana Agri Shared for Indonesia

Kencana Agri Shared for Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, LUWUK BANGGAI -August is the special month for Indonesia for the history took place in August 1945. Indonesia declared its independence from colonialism. It is normal that heading to 17 August, many social activities are always celebrated.

Many people got the present of Indonesia’s 73rd independence - day, particularly the villagers in Sub district of Batui and South Batui, District of LuwukBanggai. Some unions and non – government organization cooperated and worked together to make social activities, such as, giving general medicine, free operation, constructing the bridge of independence, giving productive seeds, tools for school, and others.

Kencana Agri Group as one palm oil plantation company nationally that has its subsidiary in District of Luwuk Banggai also celebrated the independence day by making environmental and social program. To realize the corporate social responsibility, the company through its subsidiaries, PT Sawindo Cemerlang and PT Delta Subur Permai, did social activity in cooperation with MNC Peduli, Yayasan Dokter Peduli Indonesia (dr SHARE), Vertical Rescue Indonesia (VRI), PT Banggai Sentral Sulawesi (BSS), Makmur Pratama, and the Regional Government of Luwuk Banggai.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Kencana Agri Group who was also the Manager Event ‘Padamu Negeri’, Lukito Wisnu Putro said, the event consisted of two moments within the different object and target but the two were in the same activity. “The operation and medical check-up started on 06-09 August 2018 and in cooperation with dr SHARE. While the program to construct the bridge was done on 13-25 August 2018 and in cooperation with Vertical Rescue Indonesia (VRI),” he said in the event in Luwuk Banggai.


There were 323 patients in the minor surgery and medical check – up and they were out of charge to get the services. 23 other patients had free major surgery. 53 patients got the same minor operation. Every minor and major operation was helped by professional and volunteer medical – men in the floating hospital of dr. Lie Dharmawan (


This article was published in InfoSAWIT August 2018


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