India Made Sustainable Palm Oil Coalition

India Made Sustainable Palm Oil Coalition

InfoSAWIT,NEW DELHI –As the biggest consumer and importer in crude palm oil globally, India is potential to play important  role to support the sustainable practices. To solve this, India Sustainable Palm Oil Coalition (India  - SPOC) was recently launched as the cooperation among Center of Responsible Busines (CRB), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - India, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) andRainforest Alliance (RA) in the global convention aout the sustainable standard and trade in New Delhi.

In the official statement toInfoSAWIT, in some several years, palm oil has been consumed and used in food industries and FMCG knowing for its productivity and usage.

But the success of palm oil happens in the same time with the increasing environmental and social issues. The things to notice are about deforestation, labor rights, and destructive effect to the nature and environment if palm oil is not developed sustainably.

So India – SPOC would try its best to facilitate the collaboration in the industries to increase the sustainability in every chain of stock of palm oil in the country.

Honorary Chairman, Faculty Centre for Responsible Business in Aston Business School, United Kingdom, Bimal Arora said that it is the right thing and positive to make India - SPOC to answer the concern and doubt from the students and critics saying that the increasing food, woof, fiber trades in the southern, and India is the main exporter and importer, could break the issues about sustainability.

“I believed that India – SPOC would develop the strategy, plan, and others to involve and be proactive with the palm oil producers, users and other stakeholders to solve the issues about deforestation, and the loss of conservation, human rights and labors in palm oil industries in India and around,” he said.

CEO RSPO, Darrel Webber said,  India-SPOC would make dialogue about sustainable palm oil that India needs of. “On behalf of RSPO, I congratulate every partner making India – SPOC and we do hope, the coalition would play the role to help the same vision and make sustainable palm oil as a norm,” he said.(T2)


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