Astra Agro Got Many Awards in Nusantara CSR Award 2018

Astra Agro Got Many Awards in Nusantara CSR Award 2018

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –It is anavoidable to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR). The program could become one solution for the private (companies) to help the economy of the villagers around the operational.

Chairman La Tofi school of CSR, La Tofi said that the cooperation among the private and the local is getting better,

To give award to the privates which run CSR,La Tofi school of CSR did Nusantara CSR award 2018 in Hotel Indonesia, Wednesday (17/10/2018).

“Nusantara CSR awards has been running for 9 years and it proves that the companies do want to make changes in the community through the CSR programs. We should admit that the local communities in this country need the changes from the companies,” he said.

In the speech of Minister of Enterprises, Rini Soemarno read by Deputy of Restructurisation, Ministry of Enterprises, Hambra Samal said, not only the private, but the Enterprises are also committed to make the local communities go forward around the companies and realize that the villagers needs the role of the private and the Enterprises to develop the communities.

In the event, some Enterprises’ companies got award from the CSR programs. One of the private company, PT Astra Agro Lestari, Tbk., got some awards too, such as, zamrud CSR, educational quality enhancement, economic empowerment, gerakan lima mejaandkader posyandu programs.

Vice President Sustainability PT Astra Agro Lestari (AAL) Tbk., Bandung Saharisaid, the CSR programs developed by the company are the manifest of the ideas of AAL to help the nation through education, health, independence of economy in the society. “And also maintain the conservation through the natural conservation program,” he said in the official statement toInfoSAWIT(T2)

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