UPI Got Doctor Hc in Entrepreneurship

UPI Got Doctor Hc in Entrepreneurship

InfoSAWIT, BANDUNG– Minister of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita gotDoctor Honoris Causa in Entrepreneurship from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in Bandung, West Java, Thursday, (18/10/2018).

It was given in the same time of the 64thDies Natalis of UPI. Until now UPI has given the same title to 6 figures, including he himself and Vice President, Jusuf Kalla.

"As a student who spends time in many places rather than in the college, I never thought to get this honor, the highest title like this. This reminds me to be humble and hold my principle that learning is the unstoppable and sustainable process,” Enggar said when starting his speech in the official statement toInfoSAWIT.

It is not only award. He thought, this would force himself to be more careful to do his work.

In his scientific speech, he also told that entrepreneurship in the industrial revolution 4.0 (era) is the competition of speed to tell and sell the ideas. There are 4 concepts of entrepreneurship according to him, they are, the first, it is not a legacy for it can be reacheable by learning. The second, entrepreneurship is empowerment.

“The business would be better if prioritizing to empower the people around us and develop the partnership, both with the local busnessmen or small and middle businesses,” he said.

The third, the entrepreneur is a visioner who thinks ‘out of the box’. He continued, someone would be successful if he wants to learn from the experiences, persistent to do, and have clear vision. The successful entrepreneur is the one who could inspire the people around to work persistently and cooperate to reach the clear ideas.

The fourth is that the entrepreneur is the reliable man and could be relied. “The success could be reached if someone has three customs, 3R, they are, right on time, right on output quality, and right on promise,” he said.(T2)


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