Be Ready! There would be Sanction if not implementing (selling) B20

Be Ready! There would be Sanction if not implementing (selling) B20

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTAThe government through Coordinator Ministry in Economy, for the next two weeks, is preparing the regulation and sanction to those who do not implement the mixture of palm oil biodiesel 20% to diesel or B20. The sanction may be about fine to the business that is proved not to implement B20.

“We are evaluating this in every week to know the execution. PT Pertamina claimed that FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) does not exist yet. But in the next two weeks, there would be decision, who or what would get the fine,” Coordinator Minister in Economy, Darmin Nasution said in the office of Central Bureau of Statistic, Wednesday (26/9/2018).

He also said, the fine would be about Rp 6.000 per liter. The expensive fine is meant that the businessmen run the B20 program well and there would be no assumption to underestimate the policy. “If there is no fine, it means, the policy is underestimated,” he said.

As quoted, there were teams from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Coordinator Ministry in Economy to monitor the implementation of B20 program in a whole.(T3)


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