CEC Arrest the Directors of PT BAP about the Money relating to Palm Oil License

CEC Arrest the Directors of PT BAP about the Money relating to Palm Oil License

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Some members of Legislators in Central Kalimantan and palm oil company, PT Binasawit Abadi Pratama (BAP) were caught in red handed by Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC), Friday (26/10/2018)  

As quoted from, four members of Legislators in Central Kalimantan were Chairman of Commission B, Borak Milton;Secretary of Commission B, Punding LH Bangkan; and two members of Commission B, Arisavanah and Edy Rosada. The four were assumed to get the bribe from palm oil company about the wasting from palm oil process.

The suspects from the private sector were Director of PT BinasawitAbadi Pratama (BAP) and Vice Director of PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources and TechnologyTbk (SMART) Edy Saputra Suradja; CEO of PT BAP in Central Kalimantan in the northern, Willy Agung Adipradhan. Legal Manager of PT BAP, Teguh Dudy Syamsury Zaidy was not arrested but he has become the suspect.

As quoted,id, Vice Chairman of CEC, Laode M. Syarif explained that the four members of Legislators might get Rp 240 million to manage PT BAP about the supervision function and work in Commission B in plantation, forestry, mining, and environment.

The bribe was that the members would not deal with the license that PT BAP did not get yet to operate and run palm oil business in District of Seruyan, Central Kalimantan.

As quoted from CNN Indonesia, Head of Coorporate Communications PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources Tbk, Wulan Suling, PT Binasawit Abadi Pratama confirmed that some employees were called by CEC to give information as part of the investigation.

"Until now the company does not get any information about the case and still waits for the other information from CEC. As the company obeying the legal, we respect and cooperate to help anything about the case,” she said.

As quoted from Antara, PT BSAP is one company reported to pollute Danau Sembuluh, Seruyan, Central Kalimantan. The members of Commission B, Central Kalimantan Legislators visited the headquarters of PT BAP in Jakarta to know the issue about the pollution in Danau Sembuluh.

when visiting the office, the legislators knew the subsidiary of Sinar Mas Group had no business license yet. The company develops the plantation reaching about 17,12thousand hectares.

But PT BAP denied to polluteDanau Sembuluh that the people of Seruyan reported to the Legislators. The company thought, the waste produced by the factory was to fertilize the plantation. (T2)


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