Palm Oil Policy Supports the SDGs in 2015-2030

Palm Oil Policy Supports the SDGs in 2015-2030

InfoSAWIT, NUSA DUA –The government keeps developing the work of palm oil industries which gets better to make the long term bargaining offer both nationally and globally by optimizing the sustainable programs.

“Palm oil is important for the government for it could give exchange within the comparative mainstay. It is positive to develop the education, and health so this sector plays important role to realize Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015-2030” Coordinator Minister in Economy, Darmin Nasution when giving Special Address in the 14th Indonesian Palm Oil Conference and 2019 Price Outlook, Thrusday (1/11/2018) in Bali International Convention Center (BICC), whereInfoSAWIT also attends.

The work of palm oil sector has been increasing since 2014. According to Palm Oil Agribusiness Strategic Policy Institute (PASPI), the elasticity of palm oil to gross domestic product reached 2,46%. It means that every 1% of increasing production both directly and indirectly would give multiplier effect to other related sectors and increases 2,46% of the total income nationally. The sector has the best work from the increasing export in 2017 that reached 25,73% to be Rp 307 billion compared to the previous year.

Darmin also emphasized that this sector should be supported by the sustainable principles to contribute and realized SDGs in 2015-2030 that is used to guide for the developing and develop countries to implement the sustainable economy.

Since 2011, the government also supports palm oil industries to prioritize the sustainable principle through sustainable certification or known as Indonesian Suistanable Palm Oil (ISPO). The gaol is to introduce the sustainable cultivation to have economic, social, and environmental industries in the long term.

Now the government considers about strengthening ISPO by increasing the adoption of the values in SDGs in 2015 – 2030 in the principles and criteria of ISPO. 12 of 17 principles and criteria in ISPO are the same with SDGs 2015 – 2030, especially the inclusive development and poverty conquer. There are many opportunity to adopt the values of SDGs 2015 – 2030 to the principles and indicator of ISPO in the future.

“I want to emphasize that sustainability is the key word to develop palm oil,” he said(T2)


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