Lable “Free Palm Oil” is a Struggle of Consumer

Lable “Free Palm Oil” is a Struggle of Consumer

InfoSAWIT, NUSA DUA –Pietro Paganini of John Cabot University, Rome said that based on the research, the label of ‘Free from Palm Oil’ in the food products in European Union (EU) happens for the startle about palm oil which is imagined as the dangerous commodity. Everything, he continued, happens for the reputation issue.

The negative reputation about palm oil is shaped because of the power of lable. As it is known, the lable actually functions as the marketing tool and advertisement which have something to do with the human behaviour and the nowadays trend. “Talking and discussing about palm oil, would be about advertisement war, promotion, and markets,” he said in the 14th International Palm Oil Conference and 2019 Price Outlook in Nusa Dua, Bali where InfoSAWIT also attended, Friday(2/11/2018).

If there is a lable “free from”, the consumers would be relieved and buy the product. The bisquit and sweet food in Italy and other countries in EU are in good condition, fragmented, and very aggressive. So he thought, the trade war to struggle the consumers and the markets need the better new marketing tools.

In the food industries themselves, Pietro thought, the lable “no palm oil” is commercially done, namely to differentiate the market and “palmwashing” action. “NGO should play significant role in this campaign,” he said.

As the evidence, from 2016 to the early of 2018 there were trade wars to fight for palm oil. Many arguments developed by saying that palm oil was dangerous for it had high fat, contaminated, and carsiogenic. One thing for sure is that, he thought, the arguments were made though there is no scientific evidence.

The campaign, he continued, decreased palm oil import for food industries reaching 18% and decreased the users reaching up to 70% for the food products, and 33% to the non-food products. “The interesting one was that when the reputation of palm oil decreased, the import increased 12,9% to the goods in 2017, and 13,5% in 2016 within the label ‘free palm oil,” Pietro said. (T2)


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