Sign the Petition ‘Tolak Kampanye Hitam Sawit’ Together

Sign the Petition  ‘Tolak Kampanye Hitam Sawit’ Together

InfoSAWIT, NUSA DUA –One group of smallholders, Asosiasi Sawitku Masa Depanku (SAMADE) acted and made petition, "Tolak Black Campaign terhadap Sawit" in thebooth of SAMADE in the 14th International Palm Oil Conference and Price Outlook 2019 (IPOC), Friday (2/11/2018).

But all of a sudden, the symphatetic action was welcome by the participants having the booths in the IPOC 2018.

Unmitigated, Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) Joko Supriyono directly led the signing of the petition.

Within full confidence, JokoSupriyono signed it and added his name too. Not only that, he gave the petition to the other coordinators in IPOA, and the executives of companies, such as, Joelfy Bachroeni, Executive Director of IPOA, Mukti Sarjono, Fadhil Hasan, and others.

"If I may suggest, the participants in IPOC 2018 who pass from the booth of SAMADE should be persuasively taken to sign it. Explain to them why this is done,” Joko said. (T2)



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