The Brief Ways to Increase the Productivity and Vanish the Pest in Palm Oil Plantation

After Applying Super MOAF®& CHIPS®2.1 (3 female flowers and six bunches appear) per semester
The Brief Ways to Increase the Productivity and Vanish the Pest in Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Palm oil plantations in Indonesia are cultivated in monoculture pattern. The planters, for all these years, are oriented to increase the production as high as it could by using agro-input chemical – base instantly without paying attention to the conservation in the ground. The bad soil would make the plantation easy to be attacked by the pest and infected by the disease so that the standard tree per hectare or (Standar Pohon per Hektar/SPH) would decrease and the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) would be 35-60% from the standard in PPKS (Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit).

In normal situation, the natural balance has been running well. The chain of food between the natural predators and the pathogen is balance but because of the chemical fertilizer and pesticide usage continuously, the natural balance is disturbed and the natural predators die. The new pathogen develops that may disturb the plantation to grow, and even make it dead.


It is better for the planters to change the treatment to make the soil good again in the first place by using organic NPK, such as, Super MOAF®. This product is to maintain the good soil and minimize the pest and disease attack. Besides, the product could decrease the cost to fertilize but increase the production significantly (about 25-200%).


It is the same in the pest control. Many planters realized that using chemical pesticide would resist to the disease.


Knowing this and in order to help the palm oil plantation cultivation about to increase the production, erase the disease without damaging the environment, Plantation Key Technology (PKT) plays its role by producing Super MOAF® - the fertilizer and natural control of CHIPS® which is specifically formulated to the plantation needs.


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