Calculating the Ways in Smallholders’ Replanting Program

Calculating the Ways in Smallholders’ Replanting Program

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Though there is a concern that the smallholders’ replanting program would not get the target, General Directorate of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture is still optimist that the program would get the target.

The reason is that 150 thousand hectares would be replanted with the smallholders joining Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Rakyat (Aspekpir). The rests or 35 thousand hectare more would be for the other smallholders.

Based on the calculation of the Directorate, the potential areas to be replanted for the smallholders joining Aspekpir are 617 thousand hectares. It is far beyond the target of the replanting program. “In addition, their plantations should be replanted,” General Director of Plantation, Bambang said in the meeting with Aspekpir in Jakarta.

Besides making cooperation with Aspekpir, Bambang continued, his side would improve and perfect the regulation to ease the smallholders to get the fund from PFMA, about Rp 25 million per hectare.

One of the simplification, for instance, could be done by making the cluster of the plantation within 50 to 300 hectares minimally for the group. “Basically, this is to help them. Don’t let them have burden within complex regulations,” he said.


He did hope that by the program, the smallholders play the bigger role so that the fund which PFMA has prepared could be distributed within the support of the strong institution (of the smallholders).(T2)


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