Alfa Laval Evaporation System Helps POF to Avoid Methane Gas

Alfa Laval Evaporation System Helps POF to Avoid Methane Gas

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Palm oil factories are the pillars to develop the economy in Southeast Asia. But they also significantly threaten the environment in the same time, namely about palm oil mill effluent (POME) which is an issue for the factories.

POME is the result of processing fresh fruit bunch (FFB) that always exists. POME, which tends to have acid but full of organic material, is potential to pollute the river and produce green-house gas emission if it is not managed well before it is thrown.

In general, POME is processed in pool system within biologic, anaerobic, and aerobic process. The anaerobic process would produce green-house gas, such as, methane which is very dangerous for the environment. To prevent the pollution, Malaysia regulates that every palm oil factory should construct biogas capture facility so that the methane would not pollute the environment. It should be complete before 2020.

Though some factories could trade the renewable energy produced by the biogas factory to the electricity company within the interesting and economical feed in tariff, some factories are difficult to trade it namely the companies in the remote areas in Serawak.


The expensive capital makes them stop. In the late days, palm oil factories also face the challenges from many aspects, starting from fulfilling the increasing demands and obeying the regulations about environment but in the same time, they have to manage the increasing outcome but should be competitive still. There might be revolution of technology to be advantaged and used and would make everyone happy.


POMEvap is an Alfa Laval evaporation system to handle POME efficiently. The patent is running still. The evaporation would combine some Heat Moving Tool and Condenser in Alfa Laval to process the raw POME to be two products, they are, solid concentrate and liquid distillate.


Through the multiple effects in the evaporation, the rest of oil in the raw POME that could not fully process from the oil room could be concentrated by using decanter. After the process of oil taking is done, cake decanter should be mixed with heavy phase and then should be re-transferred to the last evaporator.For more info, please contact:


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