RSPO Scheme Changes the Cultivation of Independent Smallholders

RSPO Scheme Changes the Cultivation of Independent Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Lubuk Larangan is every hole or pool which should be protected from fishing by making the same consensus in the villages within the spots in it for some particular time. When the time comes, the Lubuk Larangan is available to fish together. Of course the fishing should be sustainably done. Only the fish in some shapes could be fished, not all.

In the first initiation, all people did not believe if Lubuk Larangan could last for some time because some of them like to use ‘Tubo’ to get the fish from the river. Some of them use electric current by using diesel. But the intense of the head of village and his coordinators, the Sub district of Renah Mendaluh in socializing that Lubuk Larangan is important for them, it is finally successful. Lubuk Larangan has become the icon in the three villages.


The initiative of Lubuk Larangan does not only give the advantages for the smallholders in the villages, but also gives the same to other villages in the downstream line though they have no Lubuk Larangan. – the place for the fishes to live in the river safely from the toxic threat and the people easily get the fish to be eaten.


Lubuk Larangan would not exist as fast as it is or may never be existed if the independent smallholders and the people did not implement sustainable palm oil by getting RSPO certificate.

 (Rukaiyah Rafik /Director of Yayasan Setara, Jambi)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT Magazine, September 2018


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