Palm oil Plantation Expansion of Korindo May Damage the Environment

Palm oil Plantation Expansion of Korindo May Damage the Environment

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The further investigation to the wealthy man of Korea-Indonesia from Korindo Group has made two reports that revealed the illegal action and environmental damage; and human rights violations in every operational of the company.

In the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (12/11/2018), Korindo has expanded to the deep forests in Indonesia and the company may arrest the local people by violence. It is written in the report called “Malapetaka: Korindo, Perampasan Tanah, dan Bank”, that Rainforest Action Network (RAN), Walhi, TuK-Indonesia, and Profundo wrote.

It could be concluded that Korindo supplied the unsustainable wood and may be illegal one to some buildings to do Olympiad Tokyo 2020 as it was briefly described in the second report which was released yesterday, called Broken Promises.

Some protesters on Monday (12/11/2018) gathered in the headquarter of Korindo in Jakarta and in the headquarter of the main financing bank of Korindo, that is Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI). They claimed that Korindo should stop cutting the wood and out from the location; BNI stop funding the company.

In North Maluku, the people having the areas fight for Korindo to maintain their indigenous land. The evidence and testimony in the report showed that Korindo got the areas without having permission from the local people, used fire too cultivate the areas, planting palm oil without complete license, and put the people into misery if they are against the company, including arrest them with violence. “Korindo did violation and exploitation to the people North Maluku and the people of Indonesia,” Executive Director of Walhi, North Maluku, Ismet said.

He also mentioned, Korindo may illegally cultivate the people’s area and harassed them and these are bad for the people. “Korindo tries to cultivate more forest in North Maluku so that the wood could be sold and the areas would be planted by palm oil,” Ismet said.

The people keep fighting for the company and asked that the government and police should stop helping the company but help the people, forest, and plantation. “North Maluku has 23% of land and the rests are sea. Korindo, for 11 years within monoculture plantations has destroyed the conservation governance. Clove, nutmeg, coconuts are the kinds of primer commodity of the people.

Meanwhile every capital owner and the partners of Korindo, namely Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Grup SMBC, Hyosung Corporation, Sumitomo Forestry, and Oji Holdings, play important role to support its operational. “BNI should actually be committed to sustainable financing,” Vice Director of TuK Indonesia, Edi Sutrisno said.

To really implement this commitment, the first thing to do is they should stop give fund to Korindo for the company has no complete license and illegally cut the forest and the people’s area.

“Giving fund to Korindo is against the standards in BNK and violate the regulations that Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) has regulated. BNI should monitor the policy, stop the relationship with Korindo and be the sustainable bank for the prosperity of Indonesia, not the tycoon,” he said. (T2)



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