Sustainable Palm Oil Should be Economically Interesting

Sustainable Palm Oil Should be Economically Interesting

InfoSAWIT, KOTA KINABALU – The implementation of sustainable palm oil cultivation basically should be the same with profit, people, andplanet (3P). Besides there should be guarantee that those who implement sustainable practice should be in good condition. “They should be protected because if there is no good guarantee, they would not be interested in. If there is no economical advantage, there would be useless environmental protection,” Director of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Tiur Rumondang said,Wednesday (14/11/2018) in Kota Kinabalu.

She also said that the easiest example is to maintain the concept of sustainable pam oil. There should be buyers so that there would be economical scale. Then there should be sharing of responsibility for every sector which becomes the member of RSPO.

It is hoped that every sector in RSPO could be responsible on implementing the sustainable palm oil practices. “Let the market determine the priice. But we have to educate the markets always,” she said.

The new principles and criteria (P&C) would have inputs about the grievance system. “For example, the environmental sector could reduce the negative impact but the social sector could increase the positive one,” Tiur said.

But to give certainty, every sector which becomes the member of RSPO should be responsible on maintaining the sustainable practices, not make sanction but more than implementing the time bond plan. “The concept is still in progress,” Tiur said. (T2)


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