Important Notes to P&C RSPO 2018

Important Notes to P&C RSPO 2018

InfoSAWIT, KOTA KINABALU –2018 becomes the important moment to implement principles and criteria (P&C) in Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) because it is the moment to review the P&C RSPO to realize the better scheme.

Audry Lee of Olam International Ltd., said, there are some important notes to reviewthe new P&C RSPO. For example, putthe new standards to avoid deforestation, avoid the palm oil development in peat land, and do not develop palm oil plantation in high stock carbon (HCS). “The goal of P&C Review is to make sustainable palm oil as a norm,” he said in his description in Annual Roundtable Meeting RSPO (RT 16) where InfoSAWIT also attended on Wednesday (14/11/2018) in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

He also said that RSPO is hoped to be the place to face the same challenges in sustainable palm oil cultivation. “We should get the goal,” Audry said.

Meanwhile, Faizal Parish of Global Environment Center said that in P&C that would be officially running, it is clear to avoid the palm oil plantation development in the peat. “If it has been developed, it needs the other term and condition to do,” he said.

He also mentioned that every grower should implement the new procedures in P&C RSPO 2018. There are two ways to do to avoid palm oil development in peat. The first is that the peat should be the conservation, and the second is that if palm oil is already developed, after one period of planting, the planted areas should be substituted to the previous ones. “We need to maintain the peat,” Parish said. (T2)


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