From LHA, 483 ISPO Proposals Have Been Verified

From LHA, 483 ISPO Proposals Have Been Verified

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Head of Indonesian Sustaiable Palm Oil (ISPO) Commission Secretariat, Azis Hidayat, said that by August 2018, the Secretariat got 525 reports from the Laporan Hasil Akhir (LHA) and had verified 483 proposals. “413 proposal have got ISPO certificate,” Azis said in the discussion in Jakarta whereInfoSAWIT also attended.

The agencies still validate 24 reports and 33 ones were postpone. He thought, the postponement to process and get ISPO happened for the un-clear and un-clean issues. “They mostly hit by Business Rights, forest release, area conflicts, the supplier have no ISPO certificate, the changing of Plantation License, the waste management, and liquid waste advantaged,” he said.

Azis also continued, of 413 ISPO certificates that have been published, 407 of them are to the companies, 3 to the plasma unions, 3 to the independent smallholders’ union within the average fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production reaching 19.63 tons per hectare per year and the yield 22,97%. (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT Magazine, September 2018


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