Develop High Quality Planters

Develop High Quality Planters

InfoSAWIT, JOGJAKARTA -Developing reliable and professional human resources is a must because the hands of the planters determine the productivity level in the plantations.

The limited areas, and the tight competition in plantation sectors force the planters to improve well to compete with other countries.

Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) has one mission, that is, to increase the professionalism of the planters themselves.

The Chairman of IPS, Zulham S. Koto said, the association is made to be the place for every professional who works in the plantations in Indonesia and it becomes the place too for them to increase their professionalism.

IPS was proposed by the planters in Indonesia. “Indonesian Planters Society was proposed by every planter in Indonesia, namely in palm oil plantation sector. The main goal is that the sector could highly, efficiently, and sustainably compete,” he said in the Seminar Nasional Planter Indonesia (SNPI) 2018 in Yogyakarta in the early of August 2018..

Zulham also ensured that IPS is the organization that consists of the professionals who work in the plantation sector. It is a legal organization which has license since May 2018.

He also mentioned, IPS is as a place to announce the success of the planters to develop commodity sectors, including to develop the professionalism of the planters themselves.

“Palm oil plantations lay about 14 million hectares and there are planters there. They should be developed too to produce profits for the stakeholders,” he said.(T2)


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