Palm Oil Sectors Are Not Supported by Big Data

Palm Oil Sectors Are Not Supported by Big Data

InfoSAWIT, BALI -Many negative opinions about palm oil may happen for the minimal data of information. It is important to get the big data by involving hundreds of thousand respondents. In addition, lots of official data could be explored.

For example, the Geospatial Data could be learnt, such as, the zone of planting. Socio Economic Data could be got from the income of a family. It is the same with demographic and migration data.


“The data from social media that Yu Leng did showed the negative perspective. Many things could be done to change the public perception about palm oil plantation,” Yu LengKhor of KHOR Reports Data and Maps, Singapore said in a discussion where InfoSAWITdid attend.


She also revealed that palm oil sector in Indonesia still has no many. It is different from Brazil, one country in South Africa. The country has complete data to the livestock production. It has data about the decreasing production from 70% to 305. In Sabah, Malaysia, the right data usage could help the users to know the new planting.(T2)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT Magazine, September 2018


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