Peaceful Actions (Protest) on Wilmar’s Palm Oil Cargo, Six Activists of Greenpeace were Arrested

Peaceful Actions (Protest) on Wilmar’s Palm Oil Cargo, Six Activists of Greenpeace were Arrested

InfoSAWIT, AMSTERDAM –After dominating the pile tank of Wilmar International Limited (Wilmar) in Sulawesi some months ago, now the environmental international  organization does peaceful protest.

Six activists from Greenpeace did peaceful protest on giant tank, Stolt Tenacity. It is a 185 meter – cargo ship and carried palm oil products of Wilmar. The activists thought, Wilmar is the biggest trader but dirty one in the world.

After spreading the banner, "Save our Rainforest" and "Drop Dirty Palm Oil", the six were arrested by the captain of the ship. They were informed through radion VHF about the peaceful and no violance protest.

Butin the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Saturday (17/11/2018), the six activists who are from Indonesia, German, England, Franch, Canada, United States of America, and Spain were arrested in one cabin of the cargo. They protested the forest damages in Indonesia but the protest was done on the waters of Cadiz bay, near Spain.

Campaigner in Greenpeace Esperanza, Hannah Martin said, his side was limited with the radio contact with the volunteers and asked the captain to let them free. “So they could do peaceful protest to the companies, such as, Wilmar that sends dirty palm oil from forest damages to the supermarkets and our homes,” Hannah said.

According to Greenpeace, Wilmar is the main palm oil supplier to a snack giant company, Mondelez. It is the biggest one palm oil buyer and uses it in its kinds of products, such as, Oreo, Cadbury, and Ritz.

The latest investigation of Greenpeace International revealed that the palm oil supplier of Mondelez has destroyed 70.000 hectares of forest in every region in Southeast Asia in the last two years and Greenpeace found the evidences about the fire in the forests, children labors, illegal logging, and land issues.

“Palm oil could be produced without damaging the forest. More than 1 million men in the world demand the real action. It is time that Mondelez and other household companies listen to the protest, to stay away from Wilmar until the company proves that its palm oil is clean,” Head of Global Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Kiki Taufik who was also in the ship, Greenpeace Esperanza.

Greenpeace keeps telling to Mondelez to stop trading with Wilmar until the palm oil deriving from the producer could be proved not to damage the forests or exploit the children to work. (T2)




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