It is Time for the Downstream Industries to Rise

It is Time for the Downstream Industries to Rise

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Of course, CPO is getting more important when the market needs develop too. Though the international markets decrease the demands, but if the downstream industries develop nationally, these industries holistically would keep developing.

So the government should support it in the form of regulation to create the chances to the downstream industries nationally. The domestic markets would make the CPO downstream industries follow the government’s policies to supply the demands.


It is widely open that the domestic markets could develop. The people’s consumption increases and becomes the business chance for the CPO downstream industries. The latest technology is now available so that the CPO downstream industries could operate not from the material only.


If the material from CPO is available, through the mandatory regulation would make bigger chance to the domestic markets. Just like the recent days, the biodiesel mandatory program that the government has published should be used to the related instances.


It should be mixed to petroleum up to 30%. Though it had issues in the first place, the mixture of biodiesel really helps the CPO industries to sell their products. As the result, when the CPO is cheap in the global markets (countries), it could be maximized to fulfill the domestic needs.


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