Palm Oil Could Fulfill the Global Needs from Narrow Areas

Palm Oil Could Fulfill the Global Needs from Narrow Areas

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -For the high demands on oil food from the vegetable oil consumers, the vegetable oil in European Union gets its high leap. On the other hand, the soybean plantation could not supply the needs. Besides, the soybean plantations have the smallest productivity to produce vegetable oil in each hectare.

For having no ability to supply the needs of food oil from vegetable oil, European Union is the big chance for other kinds of vegetable oil, including palm oil. The consumers’ needs in European Union of vegetable oil could be fulfilled by the supply of palm oil which keeps developing.


Based on data in Central Data of InfoSAWIT, the increasing consumption globally is about 10% in average in every single year. It could be fulfilled by palm oil through the increasing productivity. Palm oil productivity itself has high increasing trend in every year after the trees are mature or productive.


The increasing production trend itself has the ‘golden’ age when it is mature, about five years. That is why palm oil has big power to supply vegetable oil needs for the world because it could be used as the alternative for the other kinds of vegetable oil. (T1)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT Magazine, October 2018


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