Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Would be no more in the Markets

Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Would be no more in the Markets

InfoSAWIT, BANDUNG -In the midst of August 2018, the government through Ministry of Trade appreciated what PT Pindad (Persero) did by making the filler machine, Anjungan Minyak Goreng Higienis Otomatis (AMH-O).

Minister of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita said that by the machine, it is hoped that the people would be easier to get hygiene, healthy, and economical price of cooking oil. “It is also one effort to accelerate the packaged cooking oil target in 2020,” he said when launching AMH-O in the office of PT Pindad, Bandung, West Java Province where InfoSAWIT did attend too.

Actually, since 2017, Ministry of Trade has regulated the packaged cooking oil policy to fulfill the rights of consumers to maintain the quality and hygiene of the food products. It is also to support the Indonesia National Standard of Palm Cooking Oil that Ministry of Industry would regulate on 31 December 2018.

Unfortunately the policy implementation was re-evaluated for there were protests from the producers by saying that the palm cooking oil packaging companies nationally are limited and it takes some time to develop these industries in many regions.

The government finally gave chances to the stakeholders to prepare every infrastructure in packaging industries because this would be an obligation in 2020, and obliged them to make it in simple within the most expensive price Rp 11.000 per liter so that the people could get healthy and hygiene cooking oil. The AMH-O could be one alternative to provide healthy, and hygiene cooking oil in simple packaging.

Besides, the machine is relatively cheaper than it in general. It is about Rp 8 million per unit while the same machine produced by other countries, such as, India, is about Rp 18 million per unit.


“The machine could be used not only to fulfill the domestic needs but also could be exported to the countries that still distribute cooking oil so that the people consume,” Enggartiasto said.


AMH – O also supports the implementation of Regulation of Minister of Trade, No. 9 / 2016 that obliges cooking oil distribution in pack. The system of the machine is to distribute the cooking oil in jerry cans in kinds of weight, such as 18 or 25 liters within the trade mark of the producers. There are some weight dozes, starting from 250 milliliter (ml), 500 ml, up to 1.000 ml, through the filling oil system that consists of pump, flexible pipe, solenoid, and flow meter.(T2)


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