Fact!The Snobbery of Netherland in Palm Oil Plantation Cultivation

Fact!The Snobbery of Netherland in Palm Oil Plantation Cultivation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Chairman of the delegation of European Union, Vincent Guerend said to the media, and also InfoSAWIT that he wanted to know the issues in palm oil. He thought, the palm oil producer countries should understand the position of some European Union citizens who consume palm oil.

“European Union imports palm oil from Indonesia to be consumed. That is why European Union is the second biggest importer,” he explained.


For consuming palm oil, Vincen thought, some citizens of European Union told their concern to the parliament and the government so that palm oil plantation should be developed and produced by sustainable principles and criteria universally.


Though it is always accused, palm oil producers also improve to the cultivation. Indonesia has developed palm oil plantation ever since the colonialism era. The colonizers of European Union oppressed this nation ever since developing palm oil plantations in Indonesia.


Palm oil plantation in Indonesia in the first place derived from the long period of repression. The colonizers from Netherland or ‘inlander’ became the ‘big master’ who had absolute power to cultivate plantations in Indonesia, including palm oil plantation.


Actually the form of ‘rape’ of human rights who worked in palm oil plantations always happened in the colonialism era. The most ruthless tradition that the ‘big master’ did was ‘hang’ if the workers who disobeyed the regulation of the colonizer in the plantation.


If there is assumption saying that human rights violation took place in developing palm oil plantation, it is normal to open the documents of colonialism era. Many human rights violations took place. The colonizers (such as, Netherland) should actually be responsible on it for it is part of European Union.(T1)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT Magazine, October 2018

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