2019, The CPO Absorption for Biodiesel Could be 6 million tons

2019, The CPO Absorption for Biodiesel Could be 6 million tons

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The expansion of biodiesel mandatory program (B20) to non-PSO since it run in September 2018 now shows the positive result, such as, the increasing crude palm oil (CPO)absorption in the domestic.

The report of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) to InfoSAWIT recently mentioned that the biodiesel absorption from January – August was about 215 – 290 thousand tons per month. But since September it reached 400 thousand tons and in October it reached 519 thousand tons.

“This is positive to absorp CPO for the biodiesel in the domestic and would influence the stock in our country. In additon, the implementation of B20 expansion is not maximal yet. There are much improvement in many sectors and it is hoped that in the several months to go, the biodiesel absorption could be more maximal,” Executive Director of IPOA, Mukti Sardjono said.

One improvement which is running is to decrease the points to distribute the FAME to Pertamina from 112 points to 25 points only. If the absorption is maximal, it is predicted that in 2019, the biodiesel absorption could be reaching 6 million tons CPO.

Indonesia is also optimistic to run B30 in 2020. In the early of 2019, there has been roadtestto run the program. The higher absorption of CPO in the domestic, the less stock would be for the global markets.(T2)


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