CPP Export in October 2018 Increased 5%

CPP Export in October 2018 Increased 5%

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The report of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) to InfoSAWIT recently mentioned that in October 2018, the crude palm oil (CPO)and its derivative (oleo-chemical and biodiesel) from Indonesia increased 5% compared to the previous month which reached 3,19 million tons  to be 3,35 million tons.

Meanwhile the CPO, PKO, and its derivative (non oleo-chemical and biodiesel) export volume reached 3,14 million tons or increased 5% compared to those in September that reached 2,99 million tons.

The exports in October consisted of CPO, about 760,82 thousand tons or about 24% from the total exports and the rests, about 2,34 million tons or about 76% were the derivative or processed products from CPO.

“By October 2018, Indonesia exported 4,9 million tons of CPO or 18% and the processed or derivative products reached 21,17 million tons or 82%. The good trade was supported by the significant increasing demand from China,” Executive Director of IPOA, Mukti Sardjono said.

In October 2018, China increased the CPO import from Indonesia up to 63% or from 332,52 thousand tons in September to be 541.81 thousand tons. The imports were not biodesel because China has imported it since May 2018.

Biodiesel imports in China from Indonesia in May-October 2018 totally reached 637,34 thousand tons. The numbers were good enough since the country starts promoting to use biodiesel to reduce green-house gas emission. The B5 pilot project is running in Shanghai and would always be promoted in China. This is a big chance for the biodiesel in CPO – base from Indonesia to trade in China.

The increasing CPO import in the country happened for the decreasing stock of soyben from United States of America because the two countries are in trade war. Besides, in the early of October, China has started to excalate the rapeesed meal import ban from India to be the woof for the poultry and ruminants.

“Of course the ban would be the chance for Indonesia to fill it from palm oil cake to be used as the woof for the poultry and ruminants,” Mukti said. (T2)


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