The Replanting Program Boosts the Productivity and Income of The Smallholders

From right:Regent of Siak, H. Syamsuar (The Elected Governor of Riau); Head of Food Plantation, Horticulture, and Plantation Agency, Riau Province, Ferry HC;andHead of Plantation Asian Agri, Omri Samo
The Replanting Program Boosts the Productivity and Income of The Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, SIAK - The smallholders joining KUD Mulus Rahayu in Riau Province did the first harvest on Tuesday (4/12/2018 ).  KUD Mulus Rahayu is the union of the smallholders as the partners of Asian Agri that makes partnership program with the company since 1988.

In the replanting program, the smallholders inKUD Mulus Rahayuplanted Topaz superior seed which is potential to increase the productivity significantly if compared to the others in general. The planting of superior seeds is the important thing to determine the success in the replanting program.

Head of Plantation, Asian Agri, Omri Samosir said that the partnership and good relationship with the the smallholders are the successful keys of the replanting program.

“The partnership of Asian Agri and the plasma smallholders which runs for more than 30 years, and the replanting program are the sustainable commitments to the next phase, for the cycle of the plantation,” Omri Samosir said in his speech in the First Harvest of KUD Mulus Rahayuin Siak, where InfoSAWIT also attended.

He also mentioned that in the program, the smallholders as the partners of the company now enjoy and get what from the commitment in the program. “It is hoped that the good partnership would keep running and support the welfare of other smallholders in Indonesia,” Omri said.

For information, until now, Asian Agri has been in cooperation with the plasma and independent smallholders who cultivate 96.000 hectares of palm oil plantations in Riau, Jambi, and North Sumatera. The company is always committed to reach more smallholders through the partnership program to increase their welfare and support the sustainable cultivation in Indonesia. (T2)


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