A 95 Kg FFB Got Award from MURI from The Smallholder’s Plantations, the Partners of Cargill

A 95 Kg FFB Got Award from MURI from The Smallholder’s Plantations, the Partners of Cargill

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – It is undeniable that Suparji’s fresh fruit bunch (FFB), the plasma smallholder of Cargill, weight in at 95 kilograms got award from Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia (MURI). Suparji  got certificate and some money as the forms of respect and appreciation.

It is admitted or not, the achievement could happen for some factors, such as, from the superior seeds up to the cultivation based on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) that the smallholders do. But the most the important things are the training and development that Cargil as the main company, does for years. The sustainable cultivation which the company supports to the smallholders has good results.

For Suparji who is also the Chairman of Koperasi Barokah Jaya in Tegal Mulyo, South Sumatra, this is the second prestige. His FFB is much heavier than the average FFB which is about, 25-35 kg. Suparji explained that the success has something to do with the routine development from Cargill to the plasma the smallholders as part of the sustainable program.

He also mentioned, because of the sustainable agricultural practices done by Cargill, he has learned to care about the ground and keep its long term productivity, and ensure the conservation for the next generations.

“We do understand that it is the important to involve every side in the palm oil chain of stock – starting from the plantation to the retail – to keep the conservation good, and its responsibility. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificate becomes the evidence of our obedience to the practices,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (5/12/2018)in Jakarta.

Koperasi Barokah Jayais one of many unions as part of 21.000 hectares of palm oil plantations of PT Hindoli belonging to Cargill in South Sumatera. Within the development and guide of Cargill, the union becomes one group of the plasma smallholders in the world which got certification in RSPO scheme in the end of 2010.

Meanwhile President Director, PT Hindoli, Ong Kee Chau said that the plasma smallholders provide 40% of the crude palm oil supply to the company. They use their rights and become the important ones to provide the sustainable food sources and fulfill the global demands on sustainable palm oil.

“We do support the plasma smallholders by giving knowledge about the good agricultural practices so they could have better income and harvest. Besides the more demand on the sustainable practices, the better would be to fulfill the conditions of the certificates,” he said.(T2)


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