The Members of Koperasi TJM Needs Clarity about the Debts in PT Safari Riau

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The Members of Koperasi TJM Needs Clarity about the Debts in PT Safari Riau

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU – After getting Freehold Title from the Prona scheme that President Joko Widodo proposed, 325 smallholders who join in KUD Terantang Jaya Mandiri (TJM) in Village of Tarantang Manuk, Sub district of Pangkalan Kuras, District of Pelalawan,Riau Province still face to pay credits reaching billions of rupiah to develop main – plasma plantations, within the scheme Koperasi Primer Untuk Anggota (KKPA).

It is said, the credit payment has been running for the last 7 years. The smallholders have been in partnerships with PT Safari Riau, the subsidiary of PT Adei Plantation.

As quoted from, as their disappointment, some villagers, mostly the women, wanted that President Joko Widodo could give solution on their problem.

''Bapak Presiden yang terhormat..! Kenapa sertifikat prona kami masih punya hutang puluhan miliar? Kami mohon bantuan..!!'' they wrote in a banner which had been prepared in the location that the President attended.

One villager told that they have struggled for their rights on the areas of KKPA which is in cooperation with PT Safari Riau. But until now they still face the billion rupiah – debts and they even do not know, when it would end. “We need justice. We need that President Joko Widodo would care about us,” one villager said, as quoted from recently.

Chairman of Koperasi Terantang Jaya Mandiri, Safarudindid not deny that there were some villagers demonstrating when President Joko Widodo visited the location.  “In the legal perspective, we have issue and we would defend on our rights on the land we have till our last breath,” he said.

He also mentioned that some villagers wanted to meet the President and told their issue. “The villagers having the Prona certificate wanted the help from the President,” he said. (T2)


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