District of Sekadau Formulate Sustainable Palm Oil Forum

District of Sekadau Formulate Sustainable Palm Oil Forum

InfoSAWIT, SEKADAU – To produce sustainable commodity, the planters in District of Sekadau, West Kalimantan Province makes Sustainable Palm Oil Forum.

The goals are, the smallholders in the district have legal; the second, the smallholders have institutions; and the third, to empower the human resources of the smallholders.

From what InfoSAWIT recently got, Sustainable Palm Oil Forum would make data of the smallholders based on the format in Cultivation Documents, make team to get the data of the independent smallholders, and publish Cultivation Document and Freehold Title.

Meanwhile to empower the smallholders’ institutions, the forum would make registration of the groups/unions/smallholders’ groups which have existed, and develop the groups and the union. Besides the forum would give plantation counseling in the district within the fund from Regional Expenditure and PFMA, do training for the available unions and groups.

The next is that the forum would make market access, make institutions in the district, develop the partnership, and protect the conservation areas. After being agreed, the formulation team derived from plantation agency; representatives of the companies, such as, PT. MPE, PT. AGRO ANDALAN, and PT. BSL; representatives of the smallholders and unions; representatives of the independent smallholders, SPKS, andApkasindo. (T2)


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