Geoportal of One Map Policy Could be Solution to Overlapping Area

Geoportal of One Map Policy Could be Solution to Overlapping Area

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –On Tuesday (11/12/2018), President Joko Widodo officially launched Geo-portal of One Map Policy within the goal, to provide one accurate and accountable map. The acceleration program One Map Policy has been regulated since 2016 by the publication of the 8th Economic Policy Package and President’s Regulation No. 9 / 2016.

One Map Policy is one prior program in NawaCita, so the development, infrastructure procurement, the publication of license and land rights plans, and other policies nationally should refer to the accurate and spatial data.

Coordinator Ministry in Economy, DarminNasution in his report to the President told that 83 of 85 thematic maps (98%) from the ministries/institutions and the regional government in 34 provinces have been finished to make Compilation and Integration.

It means that there are two more thematic maps which are not available still. The first is Rencana Tata Ruang Laut Nasional (RTRLN) map which is still in process and the second is theBatas Administrasi Desa dan Kelurahan map which the Geo-spatial Information Agency or Badan Informasi Geospasial (BIG) still facilitates and needs to be followed up by the head of regional government to be published.

“The thematic maps from the integration have been uploaded to the Geo-portal of One Map Policy and could be accessed by ministries or institutions and the regional government ever since it was launched,” Darmin said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

One challenge to solve immediately is the overlapping issue to advantage the areas. Based on the identification result from Secretariat Team of Percepatan Kebijakan Satu Peta, Peta Indikatif Tumpang Tindih IGT (PITTI), the maps in Sumatera and Kalimantan have been synchronized or done. In the future, it needs to synchronize in the other islands and should be finished in whole islands in Indonesia in 2019.

“As the effort to complete it, the government also arranged Buku Pedoman Sinkronisasi. It consists of the phases to complete the inclusive overlapping issue,” Darmin said.

He also mentioned that most of the ministries and institutions, walidata, and regional governments have Simpul Jaringanwhich connects to Geo-portal of One Map Policy. The operational procedures in the Geo-portal are written in the Guideline Book. (T2)



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