Prevent Ganoderma, Palm oil Makes Profits

Prevent Ganoderma, Palm oil Makes Profits

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Ganoderma has attacked palm oil plantations in Indnoesia fast. Many plantations should come to an end and there is no production anymore.

Many planters want to control the disease which is potential to fail the production target. The usage of agroinput in chemical and natural – base has been done to control ganoderm but it always fails.

The combination of micro-organism and other supporting material unwell could fail the control of ganoderm for all these years. That is why it needs to integrate the ganoderm control within right plans so that the progress of ganoderm could be postponed and in the end, it is controlled for a very long time.

The best control strategy to ganoderm is done by the integrated control which is the combination of natural control and fertilizer just as what Plantation Key Technology (PKT) Group suggested, that is, Super MOAF® and natural control, CHIPS® which are formulated specifically based on the needs in the plantations.

One test had been done by PKT Group in Labuhan Batu, North Sumatera within kind of soil, PMK; year of planting, 2011; belonging to private palm oil company.

In May 2016, it was known that the trees were infected by ganoderma within the symptoms, yellowing leaves, falling midribs, the coming of 3 spear – leaves, and the small numbers of production.  After PKT analyzed and formulated, in July 2016, Super MOAF® was applied to supply the nutrients to the trees, and applied CHIPS® 2.1 to control ganoderma so that it could give chance to grow. After 4 months of observation, ganoderma was controlled. There were new roots and the nutrients absorption got optimal.

In July 2017 the trees having Super MOAF® and CHIPS® application grew well. The fertilization of Super MOAF® showed that the trees grew well, such as, the leaves were green again, the spear leaves were open, and the production increased in every year. This was opposite to the trees having no such application. The conclusion is that applying CHIPS® could prevent the loss of time and investment for the palm oil plantation company, and the fertilization of Super MOAF® could increase the production. For more information, please access,, or call (+62) 821-2000-6888. (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, October 2018


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