RSPO Helps the Smallholders to Solve the Problems

RSPO Helps the Smallholders to Solve the Problems

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Besides the fund issues, as a matter of fact, the independent smallholders still face others. In general they have no access to increase their skills of cultivation, capacity, infrastructure to implement the sustainable practices.

But in some last years, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has been working hard to solve the issues by increasing the awareness, training, and education, volunter education, proving the fund, and systemic awareness.

“Besides learning the best cultivation, the smallholders who have got certificate and produced sustainable palm oil should get the better access to the domestic and international markets,” Director of RSPO Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang recently said.

She thought, RSPO has developed the Group Certification system which might make the smallholder certify their fresh fruit bunch based on the principles and criteria in RSPO 2013 in a group within single certificate system.

To increase the participation of the smallholders to implement the sustainable practices, and to solve the issues, in the General Assembly the 12th in November 2015, RSPO had taken the challenge to realize the resolution 6f which regulates, to develop the strategy and action plan comprehensively to realize every potential of the smallholders.

For information, in March 2017, Board of Governors in RSPO agreed to make the strategic frame as the base to publish the Smallholders Strategy in RSPO in a whole. According to RSPO, there are three goals to the Smallholders Strategy which is about to be realized in the Roadmap of Smallholders’ Empowerment, they are, the first, to increase their lives; the second, to increase their numbers to join RSPO; and the third, business model which is about to be used should be more by increasing the support. (Read InfoSAWIT October 2017, Roadmap to Empower the Independent Smallholders:Sustainable Practice to Increase Productivity)

Still based on RSPO, the implementation of the Roadmap of the Independent Smallholders’ Empowerment would be done in phase for the next five years. In every single year, there should be target to get before in the end, the strategy would be fully implemented. (T2)


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