Soft Skill is Important for the Planters

Soft Skill is Important for the Planters

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -It is believed that palm oil plantations would always be developing in the future knowing that the high demands of crude palm oil (CPO) in the global markets. But the development would face issues. Beside the environment, social friction should be a concern too in the field. In addition, it is not easy to develop palm oil plantations.


According to Chief Operation Officer (COO) Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group, Priyanto PS, the process and ways to develop palm oil plantation would be up to date.


Now it is 4.0 - industry. It means that technology is dominant in every line of process to develop the industry, including in palm oil plantation sector.


For example, the monitoring process in the wide and hilly plantations could be done by drone. It is fast and accurate.


“For the hilly topography and limited infrastructure, drone could be used to monitor the plantation. It saves the time and there would be certain result,” Priyanto recently said in Jakarta.


Besides using the technology, the needs of signal for the smartphone in palm oil plantation are necessary too. The smartphone has become the primer needs for everyone. Besides as the communication tool, in many platforms, smartphone offers kinds of technology, such as, Global Positioning System (GPS) and others to help the cultivation in palm oil plantation.


Though it is supported by advance kinds of technology, he continued, many planters may forget that every planters should have good soft skill. (T2)

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