Indonesia Needs the Reliable Planters Makers

Indonesia Needs the Reliable Planters Makers

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Though palm oil plantation development faces many issues, such as, deforestation, fire, area status, and climate changes, but the facts showed, it keeps going on.

The world also demands on palm oil and even increases as the world population increases too,


According to the Oil World, in 2017/2018, 17 commodities of oil and fat in the world had been reaching  226,2 million tons or increased about 37% compared to the same in 1991/1992 that reached 83,5 million tons.


Crude palm oil, one of 17 commodities reached 31,2% and was more than soybean that reached 24,3%.


Still based on Oil World, the vegetable oil demands keep increasing about 5 million tons in every single year while the average production increases 2,3 million tons in every year.


It is clear that if the production could not be well maintained, there might be deficit of stock. That is why palm oil from Indonesia that contributes 54% to the world production should be well maintained. That is why too it needs professional planters to maintain the quality of the plantation.


Unfortunately, it is not easy anymore to get the planters. Hijacking the planters is a common thing for today.


But it is not the right way to get the professional planters to increase the work in plantation, namely palm oil.


The other concern is that some universities do not make program or faculty majoring agriculture and plantation. But some start making the study program in palm oil and graduating the students to fulfill the needs in palm oil sectors.


Unfortunately there are only few of them. If compared with the potential of palm oil development in Indonesia, there should be more university to make program in oil plantation sector.


It is a concern too that the students who study in some universities found difficulties because the work of planters ‘jaman now’ is very different from the old – day planters. (T2)


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