Palm oil Industrial Challenges Get More Complex

Palm oil Industrial Challenges Get More Complex

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Chief Operation Officer (COO) PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk, ParluhutanSitohang said that the palm oil plantation development in the future would be more complex knowing that many issues also develop both in the world and in the local.

The planters should understand the issues well, know the regulations. “In the old days, we only worked. But now we have to understand the condition. This needs massive energy, patience, and capital,” he said.


Besides the world and local issues, there is one important issue that needs fast solution, that is, the readiness of the young planters to develop palm oil plantations.


The planters do not need food, housing, and clothes only but also signal. The communication tool (hand phone) seems to be an obliged one for them.


The other is that it is not a good job anymore to work as a planter for they should work in the remote areas. The other challenge is that it is hard to get the planters who are ready to work in the field or could adapt fast.


He continued, those challenges should have solutions and it is important to introduce more about palm oil plantation to the people.


It could be done by informing palm oil plantation to the millennial generations who now study in the high school or in the university.


In addition, the study which specialized palm oil plantation is not a common thing. “There are not many universities opening study program in plantations,” he said.


The coming of ‘4.0 industry’ should change the palm oil plantations in the future. For example, it needs to implement mechanism for it is difficult to get the planters in the plantations.(T2)


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