Asian Agri Commits to Support the Government as the Partner to Promote Palm Oil

Asian Agri Commits to Support the Government as the Partner to Promote Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Asian Agri re-emphasized its commitment to support and become the partner of the government of Indonesia to promote sustainable palm oil industries nationally.

It was told by Corporate Affairs Director, Asian Agri, M. Fadhil Hasan to Ministry of External Affairs, Retno Marsudi, in the same time when the Annual Press Statement of Minister of External Affairs in her office in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/1).

M. Fadhil Hasan also gave the Book Program of Smallholders’ Partnership to Retno Marsudi.

As one national palm oil company that is committed to run sustainable principles, Asian Agri had a chance to accept the visit of the ambassadors from European Union when boycott issue about palm oil massively happened. He also explained the best cultivation practices implemented in the company that Ministry of External Affairs did, in cooperation with provincial government and Universitas Jambi did in April 2018.

Asian Agri also supported the debriefing for the diplomats of Indonesia about sustainable palm oil by visiting the plantations and factories of the company, and the Biogas Power Plants in Buatan, Riau.

“Asian Agri is committed to support any effort from the government to promote sustainable palm oil both nationally and internationally,” Fadhil said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently. (T2)


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