Malaysia Replied Palm oil Limit from Franch

Malaysia Replied Palm oil Limit from Franch

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – In the official statement, the government of Malaysia would consider the laws that limits imported products from Franch if the country would not revoke its plan to palm oil limits in their biofuel.

In the previous, the Franch parliament members chose to erase palm oil in the biofuel scheme in 2020 considering that palm oil could make damage to the environment which is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia.

As quoted from, palm oil is used as the material to biodiesel and others, such as, cake, soap, and lipstick. The environmental groups  claimed that palm oil industries make deforestation, the movement of the wild animals, and indigenous people.

It is also as the main source of living for Malaysia which becomes the second biggest palm oil exporter in the world.

In his letter to Macron on 8 January 2019, Mahathir Mohamad asked that the leaders of Franch should reject the palm oil ban in producing biofuel, should make good trade relationship and should respect each commodity in each country.

“The failure to respect one to the other would force Malaysia to make action, limit and postpone the free trade agreement between European Union and Malaysia, and the laws about the trade in both countries,” Mahathir wrote in his letter, as quoted from Reuters.

“What Franch would do could lead to the ‘consequenc of economy and trade’ for the Franch and palm oil exporters,” Mahatir wrote as quoted from his letter. (T2)


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