Indonesia-Turkey Strengthened the Trade, the Third Round was Held.

Indonesia-Turkey Strengthened the Trade, the Third Round was Held.

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  – Indonesia and Turkey met again in the third round of Indonesia-Turkey Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IT CEPA) in Jakarta. The two day – meeting - on 24—25 January 2019 was one thing to accelerate the trade negotiation between the two countries.

It was the follow up of the previous meeting in Ancara, Turkey on 28—30 My 2018.

This meeting took six work groups to discuss issues about the trade, such as, market access, and text draft; custom and trade facility (CTF); trade remedies (TR); technical barrier trade (TBT), sanitation and phytosanitation (SPS), and legal agreement.

“As the host, Indonesia pressed that the negotiation should constructively run to discuss crucial issues in the six work groups. Both sides in this round finally accomplished the references as the guidelines to do the next negotiation,” Director of Bilateral Negotiation and the delegation leader of Indonesia, Ni Made Ayu Marthini said in the official statement toInfoSAWIT.

Made also told that the third round meant that the government is serious to increase the economic cooperation with other countries to increase the exports. IT CEPA could be the way to get the trade target numbers which President Joko Widodo made in his visit to Turkey in July 2017, that is, US$ 10 billion in 2023.

“Though the total trade of Indonesia and Turkey increased consistently in the last three years, we believed that the trade did not reflect the real potential from both countries. In short, there are lots of potential and space to develop the economic partnership. The agreement would support it,” he said.

He also thought, IT CEPA is done incrementally within the first step in good trade which would be followed up by service trade, investment, and others. The negotiation could increase the exports and increase the product competitiveness in Turkey by eliminating the barriers between both countries, both tariff and non-tariff.

For information, the total trade between Indonesia-Turkey in 2017 reached US$ 1,7 billion within the surplus for Indonesia reaching US$ 634,9 million. The exports of Indonesia to Turkey in 2017 reached US$ 1,16 billion within the main products of Indonesia, such as, natural rubber, thread, engineered stapel fiber, synthetic filamen thread, and crude palm oil. (T2)


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