Asian Agri Got Carbon Disclosure Project Award

Asian Agri Got Carbon Disclosure Project Award

InfoSAWIT, HONG KONG – In the early of February 2019, palm oil plantation company, Asian Agri got Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Best First Time Performance Award 2018. Asian Agri got it as the best company whole over Hong Kong and Southeast Asia of the 173 companies in total which accomplished the question lists from CDP for the first time.

Carbon Disclosure Project is independent non – profit organization which run the system disclosure globally which the companies, cities, states, and regions may measure, manage the impacts to the environment. The organization has been in cooperation with more than 7.000 companies in the world to measure, reveal, manage, and share strategies about the climate, green - house gas emission, information about energy and water advantage.

Director of Sustainability dan Stakeholder Relations, Asian Agri, Bernard A. Riedo said that the award reflects the seriousness of the company to implement the sustainable practices because the company has good relationship with the environment. “Sustainability is very important in our business and becomes the heart of our operational,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (1/2/2019)

The sustainable practices are implemented not only in the main plantations but also in the partners and plasma’s plantations.

Asian Agri also continues to construct biogas plant and has 10 biogas plants in North Sumatera, Riau, and Jambi within the goal, to run the operational in the factory and help the people around to get electricity. (T2)


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