Palm Oil Saves the Earth

Palm Oil Saves the Earth

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - If we agree with the sustainable development goals (SDGs), of course, we could start to cultivate the wide land in Indonesia to be palm oil plantation. Though it is not palm oil only, but InfoSAWIT would help to purse to one biggest commodity that the world needs of.

Why palm oil plantation? Because it has fresh fruit bunch (FFB) from the plantations and becomes the origin of crude palm oil (CPO) and crude palm kernel oil (CPKO). The both could be used as the materials to food and non-food oil, up to biodiesel and bioenergy.

The many usages of palm oil as the material for the industries in the world are the main reasons why palm oil is important for the earth. If palm oil could be produced effectively and efficiently, the high harvest productivity would help many countries to save the land they have.

In every hectare if palm oil is planted by implementing the best and sustainable cultivation, it could produce about 5 tons of CPO per year. but soybean could only produce 0,5 ton of oil per year and many countries in United States of America and European Union produce it.

If we want to save the land or forests within millions times of football fields, it is better that soybean plantations are reforested to save the world lung from the forest in many developed countries. They should not count on the world lung from the developing countries only.

Moreover talking about palm oil plantations in the world, the total plantations could be about 20 million hectares but the soybean plantations could be about 120 million hectares. Of course, if the portion is equated to 25 million hectares, palm oil could be wider about 5 million hectares while soybean plantations could multiply the wider forest up to 95 million hectares.

It means that the ecosystem of the planet would be more balancing because every country hardly has the world lung, namely in the developed countries where the water and air pollution takes place massively. By the reforestation of the soybean plantations, the noble goals proposed by United Nations, and also by the social and environment non-government organization would be realized easily. (T1)


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