Terminal BBM Gunung Sitoli Totally Distributes Palm Oil Biodiesel (B20)

Terminal BBM Gunung Sitoli Totally Distributes Palm Oil Biodiesel (B20)

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN - PT Pertamina Marketing Operation Region (MOR) I supports the implementation of vegetable oil mixture 20% to diesel fuel or biodiesel 20% (B-20). From January 2019, Terminal BBM (TBBM) Gunung Sitoli has totally distributed B-20 and stop supplying B0. It means that in total, there are 19 TBBM in MOR I that distribute B20.

In 2018, TBBM Gunung Sitoli besides distributing B0, also supplied more than 16.200 kiloliters (kl) B20. In total, MOR I through Industrial Fuel & Marine, distributes nearly 600.000 kl B20 in northern Sumatera. The numbers would increase as same as the increasing vegetable oil supply from the producers.

Operation Head TBBM Gunung Sitoli, Abuzar said that the B-20 distribution would influence some instances using B0 diesel. “Until now the instances, such as, PT. PLN namely Gas Power-plant and Alat Utama Sistem Senjata (Alutsista) of the Army still use Bo. PT. PLN for instance, because of the specification of Gas Power-plant uses B0,” Abuzar said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He continued, his side had sent official documents on 4 January 2019 to the related instances to tell that they should substitute B0 from TBBM Gunung Sitoli to TBBM Teluk Kabung, TBBM Dumai, TBBM Meand Group, TBBM Tanjung Uban, or TBBM Pulau Sambu and it is hoped, this would not disturb their operational.

PT Pertamina has guaranteed the supply B0 in the TBBM. But the distribution would run after the related instances that need it have accomplished the supply function to TBBM distributing B0 diesel.

Based on the Decision of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 2018 K/10/MEM/2018, the government decided 30 spots to accept the biodiesel so that the pure diesel (B0) would only be available in the spots getting FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) as they are regulated. (T2)


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