Prevent the Palm Oil Trees from Ganoderma (Volume 4)

Prevent the Palm Oil Trees from Ganoderma (Volume 4)

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Based on the facts, many planters (practitioners) thought that when the trees are cut down, the disease (ganoderm) would vanish too. They chose to do replanting program when the trees have been infected by hoping ganoderm would be vanish and the trees grow well again.

But the facts did not show that. Many do not realize that inoculum left in the soil still survives. The spore in the bacidiocarps has spread to the good trees.

So when the trees are cut, the spore which has spread vanished in the same time.

Knowing this, it is important to protect the palm oil trees from the possibility to stop the ganorderm infection and other pests to increase the production continuously.

Quoted from InfoSAWIT Magazine, the best strategy to control the ganoderm is by integrated control from the natural fertilizer and control, as what PKT suggested, they are, Super MOAF® and CHIPS® as the natural control which is specifically formulated for the plantation needs.

According to the field test in Asahan, North Sumatera, within the kinds of soil, PMK, year of planting in 2016 since November 2017, it was revealed that the immature trees were infected by ganoderm within the symptoms, bad leaves, and there were only 3 un-open spear leaves.

After PKT analyzed and formulated, in January 2018 Super MOAF® was applied to supply the nutrients for the trees and CHIPS® 2.1 was too to control ganoderma. This was to press the development of Ganoderma to increase the chance of the trees to grow.

After four month – supervision, the ganoderm attack had been controlled and the leaves were shiny green and the 3 spear leaves were open.

In October 2018 the trees having Super MOAF® and CHIPS® grew better. The routine Super MOAF® application showed the better trees.

This was in contradiction to the control trees which did not have Super MOAF® and CHIPS® application.

The conclusion is that applying CHIPS® could prevent the loss of time and investment in palm oil plantation companies and applying Super MOAF® could increase the production. For more info, please access or phone: (+62) 821-2000-6888 . (T2)


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