India Implements SPOC

India Implements SPOC

NEW DELHI – Chief of Centre for Responsible Business and the Chairman of Faculty of Aston Business School, England, Bimal Arora said that his side believed that the publication of Sustainable Palm Oil Coalition for India (SPOC-India) would answer the worriness from the critics and scholars who thought that sustainable issue would be no more in India, as the actor to increase the food, woof, and fiber trade in the southern.

It is believed that SPOC – India would develop the right strategy, plans, and actio to actively involve with the palm oil producers, processors, users, and other stakeholders in the chain of stock to solve the challenges in deforestation, loss of natural conservation, human rights, and labors in palm oil industries in India and Asia.

General Secretary and CEO of  World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – India, Ravi Singh said that as the biggest consumer country in the world, India should play its role to promote sustainable palm oil production. “India-SPOC would give the chances to the industries in the country to influence positively the domestic demands for sustainable palm oil,” he said as InfoSAWIT quoted from the page of RSPO. (T2)


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