21 Palm oil Companies and the Banks in Pasaman Barat Do not Realize CSR

21 Palm oil Companies and the Banks in Pasaman Barat Do not Realize CSR

InfoSAWIT, SIMPANG EMPAT – At least there are 21 big palm oil plantation companies and the banks in District of Pasaman Barat, West Sumatera might not realize the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the surroundings.

Head of Economy, Regional Secretariat of Pasaman Barat, Syafnir in Simpang Empat did not deny that statement. “From the report, there are some palm oil companies, factories, and banks do not realize the their CSR program,” he said as quoted from Antara.

The regional government has given reprimand letter to those sides to realize their CSR. “It starts with the written documents, then giving sanction, and the last, we would revoke the business license,” he said.

Based on the Regional Regulation of Pasaman Barat No. 3 / 2017 tentang about the CSR, every company should allocate their fund to the people around.

Based on that in Chapter XII, about the sanction in Article 35, it is clearly written that if the company does not run the CSR, the sanction would be in three writtern documents,  limit the business, stop the business, and revoke the business too.

But the company which runs the CSR program and reports it (to us), there would be study about the numbers that the company has given. “We would not believe only because we would study it,” he mentioned.

According to the data, quoted from Antara from the secretariat, the companies which do not realize the CSR program are PT Inkut Agritama, PT Sari Buah Sawit, PT Perkebunan Nusantara VI, PT Agro Wiratama dan PT Bakri Pasaman Sejahtera. PT Sumatera Pasaman Jaya, PT Usaha Sawit Mandiri, PT Agro Wiraligatsa, PT Rimbo Panjang Sumber Makmur, PT AMP Plantation, PT Laras Inter Nusa dan PT Agro Bisnis Sumber Makmur. PT Sago Nauli Pasaman,  Bank Nagari, Bank Nagari Syariah, BNI, BNI Syariah, Bank Danmon, Bank Mandiri, Bank Mandiri Syariah, and BRI. (T2)


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