JJ Virgin Suggested to Have Diet from Palm Oil

JJ Virgin Suggested to Have Diet from Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, USA – “Your body is not your account but a chemical laboratory”. This slogan of health was once told by a famous American fitness and nutrition expert, JJ Virgin six years ago. The TV host once popularized Modern Girl’s Guide to Life and Freaky Eaters show and suggested to consume palm oil.

When the non-government organization in the United States of America (USA) protested palm oil import, in the TV show, JJ even chose palm oil for it could be used as the best therapy for those who are in diet program.

She explained that palm oil is the right choice for it has no trans fat, it is full of vitamin E Tocotrienol and has carotenoids 15 times more than carrot.

“The most important thing is that palm oil is used in many countries and it is sustainably produced,” she said like promoting. (T2)


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